soviet yunyun / fedi z0ne

@akai w-wait, this is what happens on TikTok 0.o

They can have my data I need to see more of this blobaww

@immychan Yesterday I didn't care much about Microsoft hinting of looking into acquiring TikTok (because ChinaTrump blabla)

But now, I'm conflicted as heck ><

@akai I never thought I'd say this, but I think Microsoft aqquiring the app is probably good for the privacy of it's users

@immychan @akai how so? the only thing that'll change is that instead of going through china the data will go through america, same shit really

@tuxcrafting @akai I suspect they'd chill out with the data collection since someone is more likely to sue them, but honestly you're probably right

Well... I tried ^^'

@akai so cute ;w;

@akai (๑•﹏•)❤️ cuuuuuttteeeee

@raspberry_boy y-you think so? blobcatshy

@akai yeah!! blobcatheart

@Leon_Awooo onikjgdesqàuĥgesoh blobcatblush

@cute "Bass da da Da" by Shou

@akai Adorable >.<

@immychan immy is adorable, exactly! blobcatpat