soviet yunyun / fedi z0ne

2020/06/15 12:43:26 PM UTC

@kura Replaced optical media with Hardrives and external dock, because burning discs for hours suck!

2020/06/15 12:45:43 PM UTC

im not saying cds are the best media (tbh i dont think so).
but as people forgot the save icon was a floppy disk for saving 1.4mb, which is the successor to the paper floppy with 564kb, people now forget that there are cd burners and you could buy blank disks (cd, dvd, blu ray[?]) you could burn yourself.

plus CDs are still a very wide spread medium.

2020/06/15 12:47:01 PM UTC

@kura their faces when they realize they still can.

2020/06/15 1:02:17 PM UTC

@kura The problem is more wide spread than that. Let's stay on tech. Its weird how people don't know anything. I bet the guy asking this question isn't even aware that you can use hard drives over external docks for file storage, although it was possible since the mid 1990s at earliest. Since PATA was the standard at the time, it was done over LPT1. Nowadays we have a interface called eSata for such purposes.